About the Presenter


Dr Susan Hart

Susan Hart is a psychologist, specialist and supervisor in child psychology and in psychotherapy. Her professional background is in family treatment, child psychiatry and parent-child assessments, and she is now in private practice.

In her extensive international lecture and workshop activity, she develops and teaches the neuroaffective theory, which is based on recent brain research. Her organizing goal is to develop a system to bring the right intervention method to the right person.

She started to outline neuroaffective developmental theory about 20 years ago, by bridging neuroscience with developmental psychology, and her focus today is on translating the theory into practice. She has taught several workshops with Peter Levine in Europe about bridging attachment theory with the trauma treatment approach Somatic Experiencing.

She has authored and edited 12 books on neuroaffective developmental psychology and psychotherapy, as well as on trauma and dissociation in Danish, and 3 of her publications are translated into English:

Brain, Attachment, Personality (2008, Karnac), The Impact of Attachment (2010, Norton) and together with Psychotherapist Marianne Bentzen Through Windows of Opportunity - A Neuroaffective Approach to Child Psychotherapy (2014, Karnac).