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IMPORTANT FOR ALL PARTICIPANTS – To ensure your registration is received and processed:

All participants will be emailed a Tax Receipt / Confirmation letter with important information within 3 business days of receiving your registration. Notify us if not.

Check your confirmation letter lists the city in which you will attend and that entry of your name and contact details is correct.

CLEMS at or (03) 9416 3833.

Venues should accommodate numbers but if a city SELLS OUT this will be listed very clearly on the home page of this seminar tour. Registrations are not processed once we reach capacity and prospective delegates are notified of having missed out.

IMPORTANT – confirmation on submitting your ONLINE REGISTRATION

As soon as you have submitted your registration online, you will receive an immediate AUTO REPLY from MIE (the host for the secure online facility) saying you submitted successfully and reminding you Delphi Training and Consulting will process your registration and send you confirmation and tax receipt in the next 3 days – if you missed a step you won’t get this - please try again or contact us

Your credit card statement  will list a transaction with MIE software in South Melbourne (as they link your encrypted credit card details to our bank to ensure your card is safe online before automatically sending us the rest of your registration data).

Your official tax receipt / confirmation letter will be emailed (as a pdf attachment) once CLEMS completes your registration (allow 1-3 days).

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Registration Fees – Book early to ensure your place!

All prices are quoted in Australian dollars and are inclusive of GST

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 22 July 2016

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22 July 2016 

After 5pm AEST 30 September 2016





ADDITIONAL DISCOUNT Group (5+ people) – Must Fulfill Criteria Below:




Self-funding FULL-TIME STUDENTS must meet criteria in APPLICATION ON WEBSITE for this special discount

Contact us if your EMAIL CONFIRMATION / RECEIPT is not received within 3 business days of sending your application



This is to assist full-time students who are self-funding, on limited income and without partner / spousal financial support

Terms & Conditions

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                [* N/A = Not Applicable to this seminar]

Registration includes

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                [* N/A = Not Applicable to this seminar]

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