Naomi is a very good “story teller” able to explain things in “plain English” – this brought difficult subject matter into a form that was not traumatic for us

GP, Sydney


Really enjoyed the model – helps make an extremely complex and multi-faceted issue more accessible and user friendly

Psychologist, Melbourne


Naomi presented the material from a very informed perspective. I got several great ideas on how to work with clients with complex trauma

Clinical psychologist, Perth


Possibly the best presenter and presentation ever attended

Clinical psychologist, Sydney


Thank you for your humility in sharing difficult experiences of therapy – it really helps to normalise my own

Clinical psychologist, Sydney


The novelty of using the Snow White metaphor was really useful in conceptualising this trauma model

Social worker, Sydney


Great presentation - glad I registered. Hope Naomi comes back to Perth

Clinical nurse specialist, Perth


Best workshop I’ve been to!

Psychologist, Sydney


A really great workshop. The concept of linking to fairy tale – brilliant! It makes things so clear and easier to remember.

Psychiatrist, Melbourne


I think that the presentation was excellent!

Child psychiatrist, Brisbane


The pacing and information presented met my professional needs. A great foundation in continuing the trauma pathway

Psychologist, Melbourne


Unique model and explanation about complex trauma

Social Worker, Brisbane


Very integrated model. Fantastic!

Clinical psycholgist, Perth