Webinar Outline

Date: 8 December 2020    Time: 4.00 - 5.30pm AEDT 


Maladaptive Daydreaming: an unrecognized disorder of dissociative absorption   

In this webinar Prof. Somer will describe the main features of maladaptive daydreaming (MD). He will outline the brief history of this emerging mental disorder, since its first mention in the literature in 2002.

The discussion will examine the ontology of MD and explore ideas about possible classifications of this condition in future DSM. Prof. Somer will outline developmental trajectories, common fantasy themes and psychiatric comorbidities. An outline of available assessment tools and the suggested diagnostic criteria for MD will be presented.

Prof. Somer will talk about evidence-based treatment protocols and other suggested psychotherapy principles.  Finally, he will share a video testimonial of a person who expereinces MD.  

Learning objectives

Participants will