Naomi Halpern is truly one of the best speakers I have come across. This is the first time I had this opportunity to attend her training. She makes the topic very understandable and relatable. The pace, content, slides and handouts have been extremely beneficial. The speakers positive aura, real life experiences shared and command on the topic is truly commendable. 

Mental Health worker, India

This has been an inspirational and full training opportunity. Not only has the content been excellent, but Naomi's presentation has also been excellent. I really enjoyed your 'humanity' Naomi and the way you used examples from your practice, both successful and less successful ones! You obviously have strongly well developed and integrated Parts, that have overcome the past, and allow you to shine in the present! So many

Social Worker, New Zealand

I have devoured your 3 training modules and they have come at the most opportune time for me.  A huge thank you for the detail and the width of the content. I particularly liked the short case elements introduced in module 2, the structure of regulate, relate and reflect in module 1 and the holistic nature of self care in module 3, so clearly visualised through the slide of the iceberg. The personal examples that you introduce are very connecting. I was asked to do interactive zoom-based workshops in July-August 2021 on "self-care" for school staff across 11 schools in India, and relied heavily on what your modules brought alive for me. This is the indirect impact of your training videos Naomi; that by the end of August, 800 school staff from schools all over India would have explored  their stories of fear and grief in a space of safety where feelings are experienced and regulated and elements of self care valued and concretised. 

Gloria Burrett, Psychologist, India

The speaker Naomi Halpern is truly one of the best speakers I have come across. This is the first time I had this opportunity to attend her training. She makes the topic very understandable and relatable. The pace, content, slides and handouts have been extremely beneficial. The speakers positive aura, real life experiences shared and command on the topic is truly commendable. Thank you to the organizers.

Trauma and Dissociation Study Group India member

Thanks Naomi for making the session so succinct and packed. Enjoyed every bit of learning. Your statement on thinking about the cultural responses of anger has made me want to be sensitive to that aspect of the Indian culture. Thank you. 

Psychologist, India

Naomi covered so many different aspects and spanned it across so many generations too yet she did so in a clear, simple and lucid manner - and in an engaging way too. Thank you once again and I look forward to the following presentations too.

Psychologist, Bangalore, India

What an awesome training Naomi! Thank you so much for such a detailed yet precise talk.

Psychologist, India

You truly delivered everything you promised and more Naomi. Practical and so much depth in such a short time.

Psychologist, India



Thank you for such an amazing training day. The team thoroughly enjoyed it. I had great feedback about the content and relevance for our work! So, thank you!

CatholicCare Canberra & Goulburn, Student and Family Counselling Program

The training was excellent and really well received by the team. Ideally (travel restrictions pending), we’d love to proceed with a full day training to continue to build on these skills late in the year.

Employment Plus - Salvation Army, Melbourne, Vic

I wanted to say a big thank you for the presentation. You are such a warm and engaging speaker that it was a delight to listen to. The feedback from the staff has been very positive, with the staff finding the information (in particular, the second part) so useful. One staff member has suggested a “Part 2” from you at some stage.

ACT Women's Health Service, Canberra, ACT

This complex material was very well organised and well presented with helpful, relevant and striking case examples eg the art work client's story. The candid comments from Naomi regarding some of her personal experiences as therapist were quite effective and added warmth and a 'real life' context to the core content. These brief, humorous, tangible disclosures had an opening up, relaxing, humanising effect which softened the harder cerebral slog of technical material. The exercises were quite useful and essential in terms of knowing what is going on in yourself as a therapist.


I found the workshop very relevant to my work, and very informative. I have already introduced some of the material into sessions with my trauma clients.

Psychologist, Sydney

Thanks Naomi for the training. I appreciated the sharing of resources and the clear structure of the presentation. I look forward to thinking further about the ideas presented.

Psychologist, Sydney

I found the workshop very relevant to my work, and very informative. I have already introduced some of the material into sessions with my trauma clients.


Really enjoyed having the pre-recorded webinar format. Meant I could do it at home (and avoid travel and accommodation costs) and I could rewind it if I missed something too! Naomi presented the webinar in her usual professional, engaging and informative manner. Thank you!


An excellent series. Naomi presented information clearly, knew her topic exceptionally well and paced the learning in such a way as to promote understanding, as well as providing time for personal reflection.




The two days were well paced, had well organised content enhanced by the Snow White metaphor and wove together therapeutic work with the brain function in a clear and concise way. I felt validated in my work but also challenged to be more collaborative, slow down and think more widely and deeply about interactions between the parts. The Snow White model has helped me to more easily remember the functions, survival responses and attachment characteristics of the different parts.

Dunedin, New Zealand

Presentation was fabulous and I really enjoyed the pace and delivery of the content.

Dunedin, New Zealand

I found this training to be exceptional in content and delivery. It was very insightful and I enjoyed the stories and experiences behind the concepts. A very good training indeed.

Dunedin, New Zealand

Naomi's presenting style was excellent. The pace was good, she was interesting and informative and I wasn't bored at all.

Dunedin, New Zealand

Naomi is very capable and knowledgeable about how to move between the theoretical and the practical. The application to the Snow White metaphor provides a different depth to the concept of trauma work.

Psychologist, Geelong

This was the BEST workshop I have to been to in a very long time. Naomi was engaging, extremely interesting and able to relate the concepts to real life. I didn't doze once in her presentation ;-)!! It was well worth the trip from Melbourne to Geelong to see her. I would love to see more workshops from Naomi.

Psychiatrist, Melbourne

Some years ago, I purchased a copy of Trauma Model Therapy, (Naomi Halpern and Colin Ross), and had found that helpful especially when working with dissociation. This seminar helped me to better understand some of the concepts in the book. I loved the use of the metaphor of Snow White - it seems to help me remember things!

Psychologist, Bendigo

Greater depth of insight into impact of trauma on the human psyche & how important it is to integrate all aspects of our self for deeper understanding & compassion for the human condition. Thank you, Naomi, for your insights. This was an enriching workshop.

Psychologist, Newcastle

I found Naomi's "parts" perspective within the Snow White Model of complex trauma, and the information on the neurological aspects of treatment a most helpful framework. It assisted me to integrate my pre-workshop understandings of complex trauma and strengthens my understandings.

Social Worker, Newcastle

EVERYTHING! I especially loved Naomi's ability to relate the complex material to relatable metaphor of Snow White

Counsellor, Bendigo



Great, thoughtful, integrated presentation of complex concepts and issues

Psychologist, Hobart

I found the characterizations really helpful in formulation of attachment styles

Mental Health Social Worker, Hobart

One of the best workshops I have attended. Please come back!

Psychologist, Hobart

Fantastic workshop! Naomi was engaging and I've learnt so much. Thank you for having this in Canberra

Registered psychologist, Canberra

Very well organized. Easy to understand. Well presented. This is the second time I have been to this workshop and gain more each time.

Psychologist, Canberra

The overview of the model was helpful; provided a way to simplify / manage the overwhelming (often) picture of complex trauma

Clinical psychologist, Canberra

A really great workshop and exceeded expectations! Thank you

GP, Adelaide

The idea that we all have parts and that in therapy, attending to all parts can be really helpful

Counsellor, Adelaide

Thank you. Lovely pacing, friendly personality style

Clinical psychologist, Adelaide

The unpacking of trauma and how this impacts on attachment and behaviours in adulthood. Thank you!

Social Worker, Adelaide


Naomi is a very good “story teller” able to explain things in “plain English” – this brought difficult subject matter into a form that was not traumatic for us

GP, Sydney

Really enjoyed the model – helps make an extremely complex and multi-faceted issue more accessible and user friendly

Psychologist, Melbourne

Naomi presented the material from a very informed perspective. I got several great ideas on how to work with clients with complex trauma

Clinical psychologist, Perth

Possibly the best presenter and presentation ever attended

Clinical psychologist, Sydney

Thank you for your humility in sharing difficult experiences of therapy – it really helps to normalise my own

Clinical psychologist, Sydney

The novelty of using the Snow White metaphor was really useful in conceptualising this trauma model

Social worker, Sydney

Great presentation - glad I registered. Hope Naomi comes back to Perth

Clinical nurse specialist, Perth

Best workshop I’ve been to!

Psychologist, Sydney

A really great workshop. The concept of linking to fairy tale – brilliant! It makes things so clear and easier to remember.

Psychiatrist, Melbourne

I think that the presentation was excellent!

Child psychiatrist, Brisbane

The pacing and information presented met my professional needs. A great foundation in continuing the trauma pathway

Psychologist, Melbourne

Unique model and explanation about complex trauma

Social Worker, Brisbane

Very integrated model. Fantastic!

Clinical psychologist, Perth