Responding effectively to challenging interactions: Skills to self-regulate and co-regulate distressed emotional states

Most people will at some time be faced with a client or colleague who is highly distressed, or whose behaviour is harassing, bullying or aggressive. For a variety of reasons, some people may not feel able to, or want to report such experiences. Too often, the person on the receiving end of unreasonable behaviour feels the only viable option is for them to leave. 

Being equipped to navigate challenging behaviours and heightened emotional reactions of others and manage your own responses is a skill set that we can learn and develop.

Most training approaches emotional skills training from an ‘outside-in’ perspective; ‘what is the other person doing and how should I respond?’. This training will teach you to approach such situations from an ‘inside-out’ perspective; ‘how is my internal response influencing my interactions and reactions with the other person and how can I respond more effectively?’.

An ‘inside-out’ approach does not make you responsible for how another person behaves. Rather, it empowers you to respond in ways that build your skills and confidence to be in control of yourself, set appropriate boundaries and navigate difficult interactions.

This training is an adjunctive support and does not replace an organisations responsibilities to create a safe working environment.

Learning objectives: