COVID-19: Challenges and guidance to promote wellbeing for individuals and families

Ongoing lockdowns, border closures, social distancing and other restrictions have been the mainstay of the public health response to the COVID-19 pandemic while waiting for vaccination numbers to reach a level that will allow restrictions to ease and eventually end. The pandemic hit our shores so quickly that there was no time to understand or process what it would mean, personally, professionally, socially and economically.

At first there was a spirit of ‘we’re in this together'. Now, some eighteen months into the ‘new normal’ the shock has subsided, the reality of the situation at all levels of society has unfolded. While we are all navigating the same storm, we are not all in the same boat. Concern about mental health, impact on children's education and development and domestic abuse have been realised. Feelings of frustration, anger and hopelessness are rising.

How is the ongoing uncertainty, bouncing in and out of lockdown, working from home and home schooling impacting you, indvidually, in your relationships, families and professionally? 

This training explores common impacts and responses to the way our lives have changed and guidance to navigate these unchartered waters. 

Topics explored include: