Raising Awareness of Family, Domestic and Intimate Partner Violence 

Family, domestic and intimate partner violence is a social problem of epidemic proportions. It cuts across socio-economic, cultural and educational backgrounds. In short, any person can find themselves caught up in an abusive, violent or at-risk situation. The ongoing uncertainty related to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdowns, social distancing, insecure employment, financial stressors, working from home and home schooling, has increased the risk and incidents of domestic abuse for thousands of families across Australia.   

In the past, family violence was considered a ‘private matter’. In December 2018 the implementation of the Fair Work Amendment (Family and Domestic Violence Leave) Act 2018 made responding to family violence part of an employee and employer rights and responsibilities through the provision of a minimum of five days unpaid leave.  

An employee making a request to access leave entitlements is in crisis. As an organisation, it is paramount to create an environment where staff members feel ‘safe enough’ to reach out. This necessitates Human Resources and those in managerial and supervisory roles being equipped to respond with an informed, empathic and non-judgmental approach.  

This training provides a foundation for understanding the complex interpersonal dynamics related to domestic abuse and family violence, make sense of at times confusing, contradictory and inconsistent behaviour by the victim and assist access to leave entitlements, external supports and adjust work responsibilities where necessary through a period of crisis. 

Learning objectives: