Webinar outline

Date: 17 November 2020    Time: 9.00 - 10.30 am AEDT 

Working with Resistances in Complex Trauma and Dissociation: A Compassionate Approach 

Both therapists and clients can become frustrated and hopeless when treatment does not progress. A major contribution to therapeutic impasse is resistance, that is, the protective measures clients use to prevent confrontation with what they believe may be overwhelming.

We will explore how to identify resistances and how to work with them more compassionately and effectively. Both phobic avoidance and characterological defenses will be described along a continuum of severity. Early assessment of potential resistance is important, including specific prognostic factors and capacities for engaging in therapy.

Therapists will learn to identify and resolve their own common counter-resistances and defenses that have the potential to coincide with the client's defensive protection. Compassionate and collaborative approaches will be discussed.

Participants will be able to: