Integrating Personality Disorders in Our Work with Complex Trauma and Dissociation

3 hours CPD 

Co-existing personality disorders in clients who have complex trauma and dissociation can complicate the treatment, and often lead to therapeutic impasses. We will explore practical ways to assess for the most common personality disorders and plan treatments that address major defenses and conflicts that overlap with trauma.

Typically, behavioral challenges should be addressed early in treatment. We will also discuss the emotional, cognitive, and relational challenges of working with these clients, who may be especially affected by childhood trauma and neglect due to temperamental vulnerabilities.

The necessity of clear, consistent boundaries, the avoidance of power struggles, and the management and therapeutic use of countertransference will be discussed.


Learning Objectives

Participants will be able to:

1. Assess for basic personality disorders and related defenses by exploring clinical presentations and history.

2. Employ a collaborative relational approach that focuses on shared treatment goals with clients who have personality disorders.

3. Name at least three interventions to work with challenges in the following domains with clients who have personality disorders and complex trauma and dissociation: