Healing from within: Fundamentals of Ego State Therapy 

Ego State Therapy (EST) is an approach that recognizes the multiplicity within us all.  One does not have to be a therapeutic genius because the EST approach realizes the 'genius' is within our clients.  Our clients have all they need to resolve conflicts, manage their emotions, and to move from surviving to thriving.  They just need you to help them access their internal resources and teach them how to utilize them for optimal functioning. EST is an effective, relational, well-paced approach that changes symptoms into solutions and one that is necessary when working with trauma and dissociative disorders.  EST is often used in conjunction with clinical hypnosis. However, one can still master the art of being hypnotic and apply the useful EST principles to therapeutic treatment without formal hypnosis training.  


1. Introduction and Brief Overview of EST

2. Principles of EST

3. Development of ego states

4. Activating, accessing and working with ego states

5. The use of clinical hypnosis and/or being hypnotic

6. Therapeutic approach and clinical applications

Participants will be able to:

  • define ego state theory
  • describe seven ego state therapy principles and their relevance to clinical practice
  • name four processes of ego state development
  • apply five strategies to access and work with ego states in clinical practice       
  • describe several steps for formulating an EST approach to treatment