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Pioneers of Trauma Informed Training in Australia

In the early 1990s, finding an increasing number of clients presenting with complex stress and dissociative disorders as a result of trauma and abuse, Naomi and Susan searched for training and case consultation. It quickly became apparent there was an urgent need for professional development training in this area. 

Increasingly, it is understood that matters of extreme stress, trauma or abuse, sit behind many of the unrecognized reasons people present at the rooms of psychologists, psychiatrists, social workers, psychiatric nurses, expressive therapists, counsellors, family therapists, psychotherapists, medical practitioners, allied health and related professionals.

In 1991, Naomi and Susan, with other health professionals began to meet and then founded the Australian Association of Trauma & Dissociation Inc. (amalgamated with the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies in 1996). For 5 years from 1992 they played instrumental roles in organizing conferences in this developing field.
Since 1995, The Delphi Centre broadened the scope of training opportunities through establishing national seminar tours with leading clinicians and researchers in the field of complex trauma, dissociation and PTSD.

Seasoned professionals in the field consistently report that Delphi trainings:

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