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Seasoned professionals in the field consistently report that Delphi trainings:

  • provide speakers of the highest calibre
  • present cutting edge material of direct clinical application in a framework supported by solid research and theory
  • are superior in organisation and presentation from registering to completion of the event
  • always respect both the health professional and the client / patient / consumer’s roles and interests with compassion and integrity
  • are inspirational, affirming and invaluable educational experiences



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Complex and Developmental Trauma

Increasingly, it is understood that oftentimes sitting behind difficulties and stresses is unrecognised or unresolved childhood trauma or abuse. Symptoms and behaviours related to past hurts create ongoing distress and confusion. Attempts to manage overwhelming feelings, sensations and other internal experiences through self-harm, addiction, dissociation etc., while motivated to protect from further hurt, often become problems for the victim / survivors life and relationships in the present. 

In 1991, Naomi Halpern and Susan Henry, with other health professionals began to meet and founded the Australian Association of Trauma & Dissociation Inc. (amalgamated with the Australasian Society for Traumatic Stress Studies in 1996). For 5 years from 1992 they played instrumental roles in organising conferences in this developing field.

Since 1995, Delphi Training and Consulting broadened the scope of training opportunities through establishing national seminar tours and webinars with leading clinicians and researchers in the field of complex and relational trauma, dissociation and PTSD.

“Do not judge me by my success, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again"

– Nelson Mandela

Photo Credit: Mike Hutchings

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Feedback about training with Naomi Halpern

This has been an inspirational and full training opportunity. Not only has the content been excellent, but Naomi's presentation has also been excellent. I really enjoyed your 'humanity' Naomi and the way you used examples from your practice, both successful and less successful ones! You obviously have strongly well developed and integrated Parts, that have overcome the past, and allow you to shine in the present! So many thanks.

Social Worker, New Zealand

The training was excellent and really well received by the team. We’d love to proceed with a full day training to continue to build on these skills later in the year.

Employment Plus - Salvation Army, Melbourne, Vic

This complex material was very well organised and well presented with helpful, relevant and striking case examples e.g. the art work client's story. The candid comments from Naomi regarding some of her personal experiences as a therapist were effective and added warmth and a 'real life' context to the core content. These brief, humorous, tangible disclosures had an opening up, relaxing, humanising effect which softened the harder cerebral slog of technical material. The exercises were useful and essential in terms of knowing what is going on in yourself as a therapist.


This was the BEST workshop I have to been to in a very long time. Naomi was engaging, extremely interesting and able to relate the concepts to real life. I didn't doze once in her presentation ;-)!! It was well worth the trip from Melbourne to Geelong to see her. I would love to see more workshops from Naomi.

Psychiatrist, Melbourne

I found Naomi's "parts" perspective within the Snow White Model of complex trauma, and the information on the neurological aspects of treatment a most helpful framework. It assisted me to integrate my pre-workshop understandings of complex trauma and strengthens my understandings.

Social Worker, Newcastle

The two days were well paced, had well organised content enhanced by the Snow White metaphor and wove together therapeutic work with the brain function in a clear and concise way. I felt validated in my work but also challenged to be more collaborative, slow down and think more widely and deeply about interactions between the parts. The Snow White model has helped me to more easily remember the functions, survival responses and attachment characteristics of the different parts.

Psychologist, New Zealand

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