Technical Information About Webinars

Technical information about webinars


You will need a desktop or laptop PC or Apple computer with speakers and a microphone or an iPad, tablet, or other mobile device to access the virtual conference room. 

Pre-webinar equipment test

We encourage you to test your computer equipment a few hours before the webinar to make sure everything works as it should. Make sure the volume setting on your computer or mobile device is turned up. It may assist to use headphones.

We will do everything we can to eliminate technical difficulties within our control and we will have a contact person available for technical issues during the live webinar. Refunds will not be issued for technical issues on the attendees side.

If you have a weak or unstable internet connection and it drops out during the webinar click onto the webinar link again and it will bring you back into the training when your connection has resumed.

Virtual platform and internet connection

The virtual platform is ZOOM. You do not need to download any software before the training. The training will be held in either the Webinar or Meetings platform depending on the training. This won’t make any difference to logging into the training.

Logging into the training

Two days before the training you will be sent a link by email to join the training. This link is for your use only and should not be shared with individuals or groups.

Access to the training:

  1. Simply click on to the link or copy and paste the URL into your web browser.
    2. Depending on your default browser you may be prompted to open Zoom.
    3. Ensure you connect your audio and test your sound
    4. Once connected, you will automatically join the Virtual classroom

System requirements for accessing the Zoom webinar

  1. Internet connection- broadband wired or wireless (3G or 4G/LTE)
    2. Speakers and a microphone- built-in, USB plug-in or wireless Bluetooth
    3. A webcam (not essential but recommended)

Zoom is supported on the following web browsers:  

– Windows: IE 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
– Mac: Safari 7+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+

Supported tablet and mobile devices for Zoom:  

– iOS and Android devices
– Blackberry devices

– Surface PRO 2 running Windows 8.1
– Surface PRO 3 running Windows 10

We recommend that you log into the webinar 10 minutes before it starts to check everything is working at your end.

Asking questions during the training

If you want to ask a question you can write it in the Q&A box (in webinar) or Chat box (in Meetings). The presenter will leave time toward the end of the presentation to answer questions. The questions will be moderated by the Host.  

If you have any questions, please contact us!

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