Legal Information & Disclaimer

Legal Information and Disclaimer


Australia introduced the Privacy Amendment (Private Sector) Act 2000 in 2001. The Seminar Managers comply with such legislation which is designed to protect the right of the individual to privacy of their information. Information collected in respect of proposed participation in any aspect of this training will be only used for the purposes of planning future events and may also be provided to the organising body or to organisers of future events. It is also usual to produce a ‘Delegate List’ of attendees at the event and to include the individual’s details in such a list. The Privacy Act 2001 provides that, before your name, organisation, email and state/country details can be published in the list of the event delegates for distribution to fellow delegates or any other party, you must give your consent.

As a member of The Delphi Centre’s database, on your behalf, at times we will co-ordinate forwarding related material provided by other organizations, that may be of interest to you. At no time will anyone other than our staff have direct access to your details. Should you not wish to receive information about future Professional Development Training please advise The Delphi Centre in writing.

The Delphi Centre will not otherwise, without your consent, use or disclose your personal information for any purpose unless it would reasonably be expected that such purpose is related to the offer, provision and improvement of The Delphi Centre Professional Development Training or where such purpose is permitted or required by law.


In case of industrial or political disruption, war, invasion or civil war, hostilities (whether war be declared or not) riot, rebellion or civil commotion or other activity beyond the control of the Conference Convenors, Organizers, the Committee and allassociated persons, accept no responsibility for any damage or loss of monies incurred by participants.

Copyright Information

The materials presented in this website are distributed by The Delphi Centre for information purposes only. The information is provided solely on the basis that readers will be responsible for making their own assessments of the matters discussed and obtain independent advice before acting on any information contained in or in connection with this site. 

Although every care is taken to provide links to suitable material from this site, the nature of the internet prevents us from guaranteeing the suitablility, completeness or accuracy of any of the material that this site may be linked to. The Delphi Centre accepts no responsibility for unsuitable, incomplete or inaccurate material. 

This publication is copyright. No part may be reproduced by any process except in accordance with the provisions of the Copyright Act 1968.

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