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Befriending The Tiger: Vicarious Trauma, Resilience And Self-Care On The Frontline

Befriending The Tiger: Vicarious Trauma, Resilience And Self-Care On The Frontline

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Mental health professionals working with complex trauma engage with clients in intensely intimate and long-term therapy. Lawyers, corrections services staff, prison officers, magistrates and judges also come into daily contact with highly traumatised individuals who are victims and perpetrators, oftentimes both. Over time, confronting stories and challenging presentations can take a toll. Now in the fourth year of the COVID19 pandemic, mental health professionals, legal professionals, clients and the population in general are experiencing heightened feelings of exhaustion and ‘pandemic fatigue’. Clinicians and legal professionals, experienced and new to the field, are sharing that their usual levels of robustness and resilience is sometimes flagging. This is understandable. We are all going through the same uncertainties and anxieties related to the rolling impacts of the pandemic in addition to demanding and challenging work.

Vicarious trauma, secondary traumatic stress, compassion fatigue and burn-out are different but may co-occur. Grief adds another dimension of complexity. Impacts are often cumulative and if unaddressed, affect emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing, personal relationships and professional capacity.

Bearing witness to the suffering of others can shift and change our world view, leading to a reassessment of assumptions about personal safety and the safety of loved ones. At times, it may precipitate an existential crisis. Support to address the impact of your work on your health and wellbeing is a vital aspect of professional rights and personal responsibilities.

It is also true that our work is inspiring and filled with a profound sense of meaning and purpose. Walking alongside clients while they navigate the road to healing inspires hope, awe and faith in the strength and depth of the human spirit. Vicarious resilience describes therapists and legal professionals parallel process of personal growth and self-discovery.

This four-part interactive webinar series combines presentation, discussion and experiential exercises, providing a safe, confidential forum to explore the interaction between you and your work. You will develop a personalised ‘tool kit’ for self-care and strategies to safeguard and enhance resilience.  Details of cases will not be discussed.

Prior to Part 1 of the workshop series, you will receive a Vicarious Trauma, Compassion Fatigue and Burn-out assessment and Vicarious Trauma checklist, to complete and use as your personal guide during the training. Each session will have accompanying handouts and exercises.

To ensure confidentiality, Naomi will host each session (no external event manager will be present). Sessions will be recorded and links to the recordings provided for participants only. These sessions will not be available for On-Demand purchase.

On conclusion of the series, participants who wish to remain connected can provide written consent to share email contacts to keep in touch and form your own ‘Buddy System’ support network. There is no requirement or expectation to do so.

Session 1:

  • Opening reflection
  • Vicarious Trauma – Secondary Traumatic Stress – Compassion Fatigue – Burnout – Grief
  • Risk and Resilience Factors
  • Post-traumatic transference and countertransference
  • Identifying signs and symptoms
  • Self-care iceberg
  • Four Aspects of Self: Mind | Emotion | Body | Meaning and the Triune brain
  • Closing meditation

Session 2:

  • Opening reflection
  • Aspects of Self – Mind: Monkey mind, personalised stress profile, self-care plan, mindfulness, supervision
  • Aspects of Self – Emotion: Empathy vs Compassion, honouring your feelings
  • Self-care goal related to Mind and Emotion
  • Closing meditation

Session 3: 

  • Opening reflection
  • Aspects of Self – Body: Stress response, gut health, sleep hygiene
  • Aspects of Self – Meaning: Bigger picture, choosing battles, reaffirming
  • Self-care goal related to Body and Meaning
  • Closing meditation

Session 4: 

  • Opening reflection
  • Review of Self-care goals
  • Review VT support sessions
  • Resilience and Post-traumatic growth
  • Buddy system ideas
  • Closing meditation


Here is what past participants have to say about Vicarious Trauma training with Naomi:

“Thank you so much for the Befriending the tiger course, it was fantastic!”
Nurse Practitioner, Mental Health

“This course has been so important to me and I’ve found that it’s actually changed the way in which I’m approaching a lot of things. I’m not only more conscious of what’s going on that will affect me, but I’m taking more responsibility for making judgements about what I will, or won’t do in situations, or strategizing how situations can be accommodated.”


“Thought it was excellent – the content was great, the right balance of theory and practical with really good strategies, and Naomi was a great presenter.”

“Thanks so much for all your work and wisdom.”

“It was terrific and Naomi is a terrific presenter.  I was already aware of some of the material but I found her presentation style to be one where you could readily understand and retain the information.”


Course Certificate

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About Naomi Halpern

Naomi trained as a social worker in the UK. Early in her career she worked with children in short stay emergency care, homeless youth, and convicted offenders in government and non-government organisations, providing advocacy, psychosocial education, recreational opportunities, skills training, supervision and counselling.

In 1987, Naomi went into partnership at The Delphi Centre, now known as Delphi Training and Consulting where she developed expertise in therapy for adult sequelae of childhood abuse, neglect and attachment disruptions.

Naomi provides clinical consultation for complex post-traumatic stress, dissociative disorders and related impacts of childhood developmental trauma and abuse including self-harming behaviour, suicidality and substance abuse, for mental health professionals working with adult victim-survivors of intergenerational trauma, gender-based violence, and other trauma. She has a wealth of experience working with people across socioeconomic groups, faiths, and sexual orientation.

She is a consultant and trainer for law firms, providing trauma informed training and supporting lawyers’ mental health and wellbeing. Since 2009, Naomi has been a consultant to the United Nations developing and delivering a broad range of trauma informed programs to personnel in missions and duty stations around the world. Most recently she developed a Gatekeeper suicide prevention training for Safety and Security Services and trauma informed awareness training for the Office of the Special Coordinator on improving the UN’s response to Sexual Exploitation and Abuse, the Ombudsman and Ethics Units and Human Resources and Services Department.

A skilled speaker and trainer, Naomi has presented training about complex and developmental trauma, vicarious trauma, resilience building and workplace wellbeing through Delphi and United Nations, in-person and online across all Australian States and Territories – Africa – Denmark – Germany – India – Italy – Lebanon – New Zealand –  Romania – Thailand – United States.  See organisations Naomi has partnered

A founding member of The Australian Association of Trauma and Dissociation Inc. in 1992 (amalgamated with the Australasian Association of Traumatic Stress Studies in 1996) Naomi served on the Executive Committee and Conference Committee from 1991 – 1996, and as Treasurer from 1992 – 1995.

She is a founding member and spokesperson for an action group for victims of white collar crime. An advocate for victims of deceptive and misleading financial advice, Naomi has provided submissions and testimony to senate committees and other inquiries and has been an invited speaker at financial industry forums regarding the impact of white collar crime, the changes needed in the industry and legislation. She has worked closely with parliamentarians across political parties and the media. She is frequently contacted for commentary.

Naomi is a Fellow of the International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation (2017) and recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award (2022) .

She is co-author with Dr Colin A. Ross, (2009) Trauma Model Therapy: A Treatment Approach for Trauma, Dissociation and Complex Comorbidity, Manitou Inc. and two studies about Maladaptive daydreaming.

Part 1 Befriending the TigerNaomi Halpern

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