What People Have To Say About Delphi Training

Naomi provided extensive training and support to many of our employees over a 10-year period. Naomi ran both group training sessions and 1:1 vicarious trauma consultation. Our employees reported they left the training/consultations feeling empowered and much more confident to deal appropriately with the emotional challenges they are sometimes presented with as part of their roles. We are grateful to Naomi for her collaborative working style and professional approach when supporting our teams.

Simone Hartley-Keane, Chief People and Culture Officer, Maurice Blacburn Lawyers

Our staff have learnt so much from the sessions Naomi presented at our law practice.  Her relaxed, interactive and extremely insightful sessions taught us so much about how to approach our legal work in the most sensitive and trauma-informed way possible.  

We learnt important skills about trauma informed interviewing, how to respond to suicidality and also how to practice self-care so that we continue to do the important work that we do.  As a practice, we have become even more in tune with the impacts of stress and trauma on the brain and body and have a better understanding of how to avoid exacerbating a trauma response in our clients.  Naomi so cleverly drew from her extensive experience to share some very extremely relevant examples to deepen our understanding.

Andrea Wilkins, Practice Manager, Judy Courtin Legal

Naomi has delivered several seminars to our team and clients, which are packed with thought provoking and up-to-date information and practical tips on trauma informed practice and how to identify and manage vicarious trauma when it arises. I highly recommend her training sessions – Naomi is a pleasure to work with.

Hannah Sowdon, Special Counsel, Thomson Geer

Your support has been beneficial to our team, allowing us to reach more UN personnel globally than any other time in history. This year, we have reached almost 4,000 individuals with wellness activities and training workshops, nearly triple our usual reach. In addition to training delivery, you developed new materials, including support to families dealing with pandemic related stressors; caregivers build skills to provide psychosocial support for COVID patients; raise awareness of domestic violence risks; and stress management of a new normal. These new tools will benefit UN Personnel across the globe throughout the pandemic. Your work has a global impact on our UN Personnel, and I want to thank you again for your efforts and dedication. 

Dawn Straiton, DNP, MSN, Chief, Department of Operational Support (SCO), United Nation Headquarters, New York

A very big thank you for your involvement in our leadership program. While of course changing the culture of financial services is a huge task, it’s through many small interventions and conversations that we can make change, and last week’s conversation had a really big impact for those leaders in the room. We really saw a shift over the week in how each of them was thinking about our customers and understanding the human face and impact of these experiences. We are so grateful that you were willing to partner with us and to help our leaders grow and understand these issues in a different way.

Naomi McQuaid, Talent Management, National Australia Bank

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